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Tactics and the Game of Bowls for Competition & Pennant Players.

1.        At least 60% of games are won on clear thinking with successful tactics.

2.        Remember that you approach the game with the same lines as you would if you were conducting your own business.

3.        Bowls is a business, your own business plus the Club you represent, therefore do no divulge your tactics with the opposition.

4.        Watch for players who are inclined to favour one hand.

5.        That then is the time to force them onto the other hand, but only under instructions from your Skipper.

6.        In most cases, your opposition is only as strong as you allow them to be.

7.        At all times never applaud the opposition bowls, as then the thought may creep into their mind that they are too good for you.

8.        Giving too much praise to your opponents during a game can weaken your determination.

9.        If warranted, then by all means give credit after the game.

10.    Never turn your back on a bad bowl.

11.    Forget the bad bowls as they are history.

12.    In most cases a bad bowl is lack of concentration.

13.    When a good bowl is played by the opposition, remember that there will be another one better, so therefore make it yours.

14.    When not holding a shot, always endeavour to draw the second shot.

15.    Winning bowls is all about playing the percentage shot.

16.    Remember, there a times to take a risk.

17.    There are of course times not to take a risk.

18.    At all times try and keep the opposition bowls covered in case the jack is moved.

19.    Avoid being short when the shot is against you, as the best ammunition you can have is a bowl through the head.

20.    Never drive if you only have one bowl in the head, as the odds are against you.

21.    It is important that the Leader roll the jack to where the Skipper requires it, as a bad length can sometimes allow the opposition to come back into the game.

22.    The Skipper must at all times consider the overall score and the number of ends played, plus the overall position.

23.    If the Leader can draw his two bowls near the jack, he therefore makes a positive contribution for his team, plus building the confidence of his other team members.

24.    On a draw shot, remember you always take the same line whether it be either a short or long end.

25.     Never approach the mat with a particular shot in mind.

26.    At all times await the instructions from your Skipper.

27.    Always remember, that no bowl is ever in the draw if you take the right grass.

28.    If you cannot see the shot asked for, than ask the Skipper for permission to examine the head.

29.    In many cases the head reads differently from the opposite end.

30.    At all times use the mat if you have to play underneath or around a short bowl.

31.    Marginal wins are not accepted as a threat in the games ahead.

32.    Big wins in many cases are frightening to the opposition.

33.    In the event of a close measure, always declare as to what you think and then let the opposition measure.

34.    Never declare the shots you are holding, until the next opposition bowl has come to rest.

35.    Encourage your own team members at all times.

36.    Never degrade your own team members on or off the green.

37.    Dedicate yourself at all times to concentrate on play within your own rink, by encouraging your own team members.

38.    Remember that 72% of draw bowls finish across the head line, so therefore it is necessary to take green at all times.

39.    It is far better to be a foot wide than a foot narrow.

Wide bowls nearly always fall towards the centre line, narrow bowls fall away.

40.    From time to time we can all do with some advice on improving our bowls performance.

41.    Your Club has accredited National Coaches appointed and they are only too pleased to assist you at any given time, so by all means use them.

42.    No matter how well we play the game, we can all still improve.

43.    Remember that when selected in a Pennant Team, you represent your Club and fellow team members.

44.   A good bowlers performance is based simply from

Dedication  - Concentration – Determination


 the will to win at all times.

For Pennant Players

Percentage of Bowls expected from the following


                          Leader         -        50%

                   Second         -        45%

                   Third           -        40%

                   Skipper       -        33%

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